Dear All customers visiting abroad

Thank you very much for continuing your patronage. We also truly appreciate all of you visiting our store for the first time. Now we have started making and selling the seal called Hanko /Inkan to let you know about one of the unique Japanese cultures.So we would like to suggest you to take this opportunity to make your own seal as a souvenir and memory of Japan. We would like to offer you our best support to make you satisfied with your travel/stay. Please feel free to contact us by mail below. In addition,we also make and sell business cards and rubber stamps. When ordering,please see price list and sample of the seal impression and choose your favorite one. ■Recommendation-Type-2 12 letters ~ 15 letters, We recommend to chose 15mm. 16 letters ~ 19 letters, 16.5mm. 20 letters more 18mm.

Material of the seal -Japanese-style Hanko Tsuge which means hard wood made in Japan and Lacto which is made of plastic



1) Inquiry:order can be accepted by mail and if its possible please write in Japanese for a better understanding. Regarding email you send in Korean or Chinese ,please note that it will take more time. 2) In case of seal registration,some can not to be registrated so please ask each town and city you live in. 3) Depending to the letters we may not be able to make Inkan/Hanko. 4) Payment must be prepaid by cash(JP Yen only) or credit card.

HANKO-YASAN21 tomishiro branch